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About Katti Simpson, RDH

Throughout her career as a dental hygienist, Katti Simpson, RDH, of Dover Foxcroft, Maine, has discovered preventative care and education are the two key components to establishing overall oral health. This discovery was the driving force which led her to open Maine’s first Independent Dental Hygiene practice, Dental Hygiene Associates of Maine.  Katti offers afforadable, preventative dental care in a non-tradtional setting. Read more...

✴︎ Dental Cleanings

✴︎ Sealants

✴︎ Oral Cancer Assesments

✴︎ Fluoride Treatments

✴︎ Temporary Fillings

✴︎ Dentist Referrals

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Affordable, quality preventative dental care for all ages in a non-tradtional setting.

Our "spa-like" dental oasis will ease your dental anxieties in our relaxing, cozy office.

Come experience for yourself what makes Dental Hygiene Associates of Maine different.

We pride ourselves on offering Customized Patient Treatments.

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